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Croydon Bicycle Theatre was set up by Amy Foster and Vanessa Hammick in order to do three things here in Croydon:

  • Create new, exciting and safe events that will get people on their bikes;

  • Explore the diverse history, symbolism and associations of cycling, and investigate news ways cycling can shape the future;

  • Support and promote activities that make cycling and walking healthier, safer and more accessible.

When cycling began in the 19th century, it quickly become a potent symbol of freedom and liberty, emancipating women, youths and the lower classes alike. It has even been credited with widening the gene pool by connecting rural villages!

Cycling is clean, healthy and relatively cheap- and it is making a huge comeback as a solution to so many of the environmental and health-related problems we face today.

Air pollution is a topic we feel particularly passionate about. Every year air pollution leads to staggering 9,500 deaths in London. The economic cost is £3.7 billion. It is a serious problem and cycling has to be supported to become a more viable alternative to the car.

But above all, we truly believe cycling is fulfilling and fun- there is nothing like the feeling of riding a bike for the first time!

Our upcoming projects include:

  • A trip to Arnhem, Croydon’s twin town in Holland. We want to see how Holland managed to halt the invasion of the car and switch to the eco-friendly bike instead;

  • Bike tours for school children;

  • A tour revealing the history of Dubstep here in Croydon;

  • A comedy night- on a bike!

If you would like to be kept up to date about our events here in Croydon please email us at .

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