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How it all began...

Event report: Croydon’s ghostly cycle ride, Sunday 20th November

Croydon is the most haunted borough in London. So we got on our bikes and went on a ghost-hunt

Ghosts on Bikes

Croydon is, apparently, stiff with ghosts. And with this spurious piece of data, we were off. Where exactly in Croydon do these phantoms live? Who are these poor lost souls, doomed to wander our streets in eternal sorrow? How could we share these fantastical stories with our fellow townspeople in a fun, yet terrifying, way?

Or rather, I was off, dragging the rest of the Croydon Cyclists behind me. But what a delicious opportunity to get people out on their bikes! And when some of your best friends are professional storytellers, how could it not be anything ........

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