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East Croydon Cool

The lovely Maddy Duxbury is the founder of East Croydon Cool, 'a curated guide to all things Cool in the Cronx'. She joined us on February 6th for our #Vote100 'Up the Women' event at the David Lean Cinema and charmingly invited us to share our own views on Croydon cool.

You can catch what we said here and thoroughly recommend having a look at the site, particularly the deeds section which is about Croydon's many charities and voluntary organisations.

Our aim this year is to use #vote100 to support programmes such as #thenextstep campaign, all aiming to widen female access in society and continue the work started by the suffragists and suffragettes. We think it's great that there are so many ways to get involved and make a positive change to our community in Croydon.

We do hope that this Suffrage Centenary year does lead to more women in Croydon thinking about what being political means to them and that we might even see more of our women in Parliament as we aim for a 50:50 Parliament.




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